Our retreats are intimate by design, with no more than ten guests, fostering a supportive and balanced group dynamic.


Next Retreats

We have the dates for the Punta del Este and Menorca retreats 2020 !

Summer Retreat in Punta del Este, Uruguay

March 2020

Autumn Retreat Menorca, Spain

25 of September – 1 of October  2020


Prices for the Retreat in Menorca

    • Doble shared room                                   €  900
    • Doble in suite room                                  €  1000
    • Private room Queen                                 €  1100
    • Private room King                                     €  1250
    • Private in suite King                                 €  1500

The prices are per person.

If you would like to share one of the Queen or King rooms, the price for the extra person will be € 800



Each retreat will be held for seven days and six nights. You will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally.

There will be two daily yoga sessions. The active (vinyasa/hatha) yoga session in the morning with Patricia Amoroso is an opportunity to go beyond your limits and challenge your body and mind. The afternoon yin yoga session with Marcela Frey is an opportunity to dive deeper into yourself, with each posture transforming into an individual meditation. Marcela is an enthusiastic teacher of this approach due to the healing benefits she has personally experienced.

Eleonora Pipet, a lover of healthy and nourishing food, will be in charge of the meal plan for the entire retreat. The food is where she expresses her  creativity and love and you can taste it in each dish.

Our intention is to create a space where you can connect with your lights & shadows and integrate them with love and compassion.

We will also feature workshops, Tibetan bowl sessions and a excursion to complete this experience. We are happy to integrate all levels of yoga practice.

Punta del Este 

The Summer retreat in Punta del Este,Uruguay

The retreat will be held in modern beach house in La Barra, a small coastal fishing village chosen by surfers for its laid-back lifestyle. The house enjoys a beachfront position with lovely sunsets. La Barra is a small town full of charm, cafes, restaurants and eclectic shops that come to life after the siesta. There is always something interesting to see, eat or do……


Each retreat runs for five days (four nights). Surrounded by nature in an environment of beauty, with like minded people, in a supportive group (maximum 10), you will be able to delve deep within yourself

When we let the things that we no longer need fall aside, we make space for the new, giving us the possibility to create something different.

Yoga +


The retreat will feature 2 Yoga sessions per day; with beach walks, posture (asana), breathing (pranayama), nutrition workshops and daily meditation.

The variety of styles, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga  and the distinct approaches taken by Marcela and Patricia will make for a varied experience. A combination of sessions that are more physical whilst maintaining a mind-body connection will complement the Yin sessions where we use the posture to get into the body and each asana becomes a meditation. This combination will help to increase the overall transformative experience.

Tibetan Bowls

We are very happy to include a Tibetan bowls group session and Origami workshop! The powerful healing vibration of sound and creative enjoyment of the Origami, coupled with Kaori’s beautiful spirit will leave you content and fulfilled.