Our retreats are intimate by design, with no more than ten guests, fostering a supportive and balanced group dynamic.



Reconnect, Recharge, Enjoy ...


We hold our retreats in unique and magical locations; the places we know and love and have spent much of our time discovering.

Whilst the focus is the practice of Yoga, meditation and balanced nutrition, we try and include some activities that will give you a glimpse of local life and also enrich your stay.


Menorca is a lot more than just beautiful beaches, calas, crystal clear water and sun. There are natural parks, a rich cultural heritage, delicious local products and cuisine, Talaiotic monuments and an incredibly varied landscape.

Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by UNESCO, the island is a haven of peace; and we typically hold the retreats in restored country houses that we feel are the ideal setting.

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Punta del Este is a fantastic forty kilometre stretch of beach towns, radiating from the central peninsula which is on the eastern tip of the Uruguayan coast, and features a lovely port and old town.  January and February are peak season, and the sleepy coastal towns resonate with the holiday ambience.

But for me the real Punta del Este, the one I love, is at the end of summer. The infinite beaches are just for yourself, with the best sunsets and if you are lucky some beautiful storms, where you will see so many colours and shapes in the sky that you will feel you are in a dream.